Unfortunately, the current epidemiological situation still does not allow accommodation and restaurants to operate.

Responsible behaviour towards yourself and others is crucially helpful in managing the spread of disease. This means that we consistently implement preventive measures, which we also ask our guests:

  • hand disinfection is mandatory in public areas, so disinfectants await you at all points of entry into the building and on each floor
  • in enclosed public spaces it is mandatory to wear protective masks
  • keep the safety distance of 2 meters
  • observe proper cough hygiene

Of course, we also stick to preventive measures and assure you that:

  • disinfect premises before and after the entry of staff into accommodation units,
  • disinfect the hooks, tables, and any other surfaces from which it would be possible to transmit the virus by touch,
  • when cleaning and preparing the accommodation units and the rest of the facility, wear protective equipment (gloves, mask),
  • All staff of Guesthouse Mirjam strictly follow the NIJZ instructions regarding preventive measures and protective equipment

For more news regarding Covid-19 you can read on Koronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) | GOV.SI, which provides all the latest news on border crossings and regulations in the country.