Environmental daisy is a label or mark of the European Environmental Bureau and ensures that some products and services have lower environmental impact  compared to the similar products. For the acquisition of environmental daisy, products and services must meet a set of high environmental and performance standards.
Environmental daisy in Slovenia is awarded by ARSO (the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia) under the terms and conditions laid down in European regulations.


Let’s protect the nature together!

Since living with nature requires a respectful and friendly attitude towards it, in 2018 we carried out the energy rehabilitation of the building, and we are also striving for other reductions of the environmental impact, for example by using a heat pump, water from our well, by separating waste, composting, raising awareness of our guests for the care of the environment… Currently we are in the process of obtaining the ECOLABEL-ENVIRONMENTAL DAISY certificate.
Also, in an effort to follow “zero waste principles”, we try to avoid disposable products and replace them with non-packaging products.
We also give special emphasis on domestic and locally produced raw materials which are an essential part of breakfasts you can enjoy at our place.